The focus of a globally operating industrial enterprise must nowadays assume responsibility for the environment: 
How much energy from which sources is needed for the operation?
How can remaining environmental risks be minimized, balanced or even completely prevented?

The Silberhorn management aggressively tackles urgent questions like these.
Many of the measures taken to the benefit of the environment will prove to be economically
wise in the medium and the long term.

Today, our plants already produce 40 percent of the energy required with company-owned PV-systems,
and thus cuts down 700,000 kilograms of CO2 annually. 

Our newest plant is unique in terms of energy savings: the Silberhorn Blechtechnik GmbH at the Brunn location.
With the application of heat pump technology, the waste heat of the laser cutting equipment and compressors is
used to heat the office buildings, and to generate hot water. During the summertime, the waste heat is converted
into cool air by means of a cooling system, and then used to cool the rooms. Naturally, the energy for the machinery
is supplied by a photovoltaics system.


The Silberhorn Group is proud to still be a family-run business.
The responsibility for the well-being of their employees is therefore first priority.

Acting like a reliable and fair employer counts among the basic principles of corporate ethics; in every day work life, we rely on mutual trust and commitment.

For example, we are attaching the highest importance to the reconciliation of work and family. This shows that social attitude of the management can also make good economic sense; as only satisfied employees perform excellent work in the long run, and remain loyal to the company.


As pointed out earlier, environmental protection is a central issue for the Silberhorn Group.
This, of course, also applies to the products of the company: A reduction of the energy consumption and improved environmental compatibility are therefore top priority during the development.
This can be demonstrated with the example of the cleaning and high-pressure water jet deburring system:


Eco Energy
  • Use of motors of the energy efficiency class IE3
  • Pumps are controlled by using frequency converters

Eco Control
  • Stand-by option to reduce energy consumption
  • Installation of timers to control machine lighting
  • Intermittent control for filtration and oil separating pumps

Eco heating
  • Heat recovery from water-cooled and air-cooled extractions
  • Low bath temperature due to the use of low temperature purifiers/cleaning agents

Eco flow
  • Accurate design of registers regarding spray pressure and volume flow
  • Reduction of the pneumatic pressure

Eco intelligence
  • Intelligent heating programmes for vessels and air heaters to avoid electric peak consumption

Eco design
  • Insulation for pipes, tanks, booths, filters and heating systems
  • Reduction of heat delivery via demand-oriented extraction capacities
  • Filling material in the vacuum dryer to reduce the extraction capacity of the vacuum pump



The Silberhorn group does not only care for a good working atmosphere –  it also puts great emphasis on good neighbourly relationships.

This is why the Silberhorn Group promotes sports, culture and education. Wherever spontaneous aid is needed, we provide strong support. In particular, in form of blood drive events or stem cell matching campaigns within the company.