UltraFine-DiP|Special Machines

  • For cleaning bulk material or individual parts
  • High to highest purity specifications
  • Applications, which require an immersion cleaning process supported with ultrasonics, as final cleaning process before assembly
  • In combination with injection pressure flooding possible
  • Applications for medium / high output
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  • The Silberhorn cleaning system UltraFine-DiP offers a high output of parts for high and highest cleaning-result-requirements in series- and mass production
  • Due to the connection of freely configurable process stages (in modular design), an optimum cleaning of parts is achieved. The immersion cleaning process is supported by the sonication of the parts via ultrasound.
  • The formulas for the cleaning processes are freely configurable, processes can be deselected and, therefore, the machine is suitable for a parts spectrum consisting of different materials.
  • With the combination of 2 media circuits per module, an ideal particle-free environment of the cleaning media in the process tanks is ensured.
  • All media circuits are freely configurable via frequency regulation, and can be adjusted to the individual respective process step.
  • All part movements are activated via servo motors and are, hence, completely customizable to the particular part or the chemicals necessary
  • For an increased output, multi-axis-systems can guarantee the transport of the material to be washed through the machine.
  • Besides the wet stages, the machine can be equipped with a hot-air-drying, and/or vacuum drying.
  • Ideally the part carriers, which the customer has in mind for the cleaning, are modified in such a way, that they can be ran through the machine without any further measures.
  • Alternatively the part carriers are placed into transport frames, which are loaded manually or automatically.
  • The connection to the downstream assembly or to the clean room can be realized by Silberhorn, as well as the automatic return of the empty transport frames or part carriers.
  • For building a lock for assembly, the machine can be equipped with an air-treatment. This regulates the internal air balance of the machine and secures the re-contamination of the parts.
  • All medium-affected parts are completely made out of stainless steel. Only low-dead-space screw connections are used, which are easy to disassemble.
  • Low enervy costs, as well as the important accident prevention is assured by the isolation (20 mm thick on all sides) of the process- and storage tanks as well as all filters and pipes.
  • Due to the fact that the isolation is enclosed with stanless steel sheets and/or aluminium facings, a damage to the isolation is ruled out, and, therefore, also a re-contamination of the parts as a result of detaching isolation.
  • The design of the machine with a comprehensive regulation of all pumps via frequency converter, as well as the use of servo motors for all part movements is, together with the optimal process adjustment, another step to save energy.

Technical information


Measurements (LxBxH):

tailored to the parts to be washed

As example for a 7-stage machine with a wash part of window of 400 mm x 300 mm x 230 mm:

10.800 mm x 2.650 mm x 3.600 mm

water treatment: 7.000 mm x 2.200 mm x 3.850 mm


water based cleaning agent





Modul 1

Modul 2 - 7

Modul 8

Modul 9


flood cleaning

Immersion cleaning

hot-air drying

vacuum drying

Process tank:





Storage tank:





Heating capacity:

15 kW

15 kW

18 kW


Pressure process circuit:

1 - 6 bar

1 - 3 bar



Circulation rate process:

0 - 150 l/min

0 - 70 l/min.

1500 m³/h


Pressure bypass circuit:


1 - 3 bar



Circulation rate bypass:


0 - 30 l/min.



Ultrasonic performance:


2 kW



Drive power:

4 kW

3,5 kW

22 kW

5,5 kW




Energy use: [kWh]


Compressed air usage: [l/min]


Town water usage: [l/min]


DI water usage: [l/min]

1 - 2

Exhaust air: [m³/h]


Supply air: [m³/h]


Cooling water for control cabinet: [l/h]


Component parts & options

  • Bottom vat acc. to WHG § 62
  • Filtration unit for bag filter
  • Filtration unit for cartridge filter
  • Magnetic separator
  • Gravity oil separator
  • DI water System
  • Pumping-off station
  • Media heating with hot water
  • Sampling valves
  • Additional dosage media
  • Steam condenser air- or water-cooled
  • Automatic loading and unloading Station
  • Ultrasound unit
  • Spray-pressure increase
  • Flow vacuum dryer on the conveyor
  • Chamber vacuum dryer
  • Infrared heating system
  • Remote maintenance for the control unit
  • Process monitoring such as conductance and ph value measuring, consumption recording
  • Cooling tunnel
  • Cooling aggregate
  • Circuit conveyor System
  • Part carriers with accessories such as lids, interception rod, etc.
  • Demagnetization
  • Ultra-filtration
  • Online concentration measurement for cleaning medium
  • And many additional extension options - just contact us