Multistation Rotary Table

Convincing: Short cycle times, high cleanliness of the parts, low space requirement

The demands on industrial cleaning are increasing. On the one hand, there is a clear trend towards shorter cycle times, and on the other hand, customers have increasing demands on the cleanliness of parts. Therefore, the question regularly arises as to which system meets these high requirements. In such cases, Silberhorn is happy to recommend the so-called "Rotary Table Machine RTM". In the Rotary Table Machine, many different cleaning processes can be combined in one machine. The customer can combine four to ten stations according to his needs and thus fully automatically map the entire cleaning process for his components - including spray cleaning, spray rinsing, high-pressure cleaning at up to 1,500 bar, hot-air drying and vacuum drying.

High-pressure cleaning in particular ensures the best cleaning results, as the cleaning fluids reach even the smallest bores with high precision. As the name "Rotary Table Machine" implies, the individual stations are arranged in a space-saving manner in a roundel, i.e. in a circle relative to one another. The transfer of components between the individual stations is fully automatic. The system is intended for cleaning individual parts, but basketware is also conceivable. The stainless steel design ensures the durability and stability of the system.