Continuous Cleaning Systems

Individually configurable and perfect for automated processes


The continuous cleaning system is the perennial favourite among cleaning systems. No wonder, as it is the ideal solution for many companies: It can be integrated very well into existing production lines without having to interrupt the processes, it can be individually adapted to the respective requirement and it delivers first-class results.
And this is how the cleaning system works in continuous operation:
... The stations of the system are configured as required.
... The system can be integrated into automatic processes or operated manually. In manual operation, it is recommended to feed the system via a gantry or by means of a robot.
... It can be operated in continuous or intermittent mode.
... The separation of the inlet (dirty side) and outlet (clean side) prevents renewed contamination.
... within the system, either neutral zones or lifting doors prevent the carry-over of dirt
... The components pass through the system either on a link belt, chain or goods carrier.
... Fixed or swiveling/rotating cleaning registers can be used.
... Drying is usually carried out with hot air.