Contract cleaning | We clean your components according to your needs

Wonderful – you sit back and relax, we clean your components industrially. And why not? As a manufacturer of all kinds of cleaning equipment, we know our way around. We also have a large machine park that allows a variety of cleaning processes.

The best thing to do is to make an appointment with us right away. Then we can talk about the best options for you.


Outsource component cleaning?
This has many advantages:

  • We are professionals: for decades we have been taking care of the industrial cleaning of components.
  • Our team is highly qualified and very experienced
  • We are very flexible – test us!
  • For you there is no need for investment in equipment and own personnel costs
  • We are glad to be there for you when it comes to covering capacity peaks
  • We can test the technical cleanliness in our in-house test laboratory

Our range of services

  • Bulk material cleaning (e.g. screws)
  • Single part cleaning
  • Throughput cleaning
  • High pressure cleaning with up to 1,100 bar
  • Ultrasonic cleaning (dual frequency)
  • Immersion cleaning
  • Spray cleaning
  • Preservation / passivation of components

Your way to the perfectly cleaned component

In advance:
What we need from you

  • Drawing of the part
  • Material information of the part to be cleaned
  • Number of pieces / batch size
  • Your requirements (e.g. residual dirt, surface tension and gravimetry)
  • Test specifications
  • Packing instructions

In advance:
We clarify this for you

  • We check what type of machine to use
  • We determine the optimal cleaner
  • We test what technical cleanliness is achievable
  • We send you our offer and explain it to you at your leisure

The execution:
Everything is done in the twinkling of an eye

  • You send us your order
  • You send us your components
  • We take over the industrial cleaning of your components
  • We check the technical cleanliness of the finished cleaned parts for quality assurance purposes
  • We pack your components according to your specifications or regulations
  • You pick up the cleaned parts from us

Your contact

Thomas Humpmayer

Tel: +49 (0) 9492 9425-4314