VDA test laboratory|Know-how from a single source

Your advantages

  • Fast and uncomplicated analysis of your components
  • 24 hours service
  • Experienced and trained personnel (inspector technical cleanliness VDA)
  • Archiving of your test results for 2 years
  • Clean room class 6
  • Consulting in case of problems with cleaning systems, also from competitors

Our capabilities

  • Syringe extraction
    • Hydac CTU 1200
  • Ultrasonic extraction
    • Elma Elmasonic xtra 37kHz
    • Martin Walter Powersonic 45kHz
    • Martin Walter Powersonic 25kHz/ 45kHz
  • Gravimetric determination
    • Binder drying oven
  • Mettler Toledo fine balance
  • Automatic light optical analysis
    • JOMESA Cleanliness Analysis System
  • Analysis of bath samples