Robot Assisted Cleaning Systems

The power of robots: Often indispensable in parts cleaning


In parts cleaning, Silberhorn specifically uses the flexibility of a robot. It is used when areas are difficult to reach or when different parts have to be cleaned repeatedly.
A robot cleaning system at Silberhorn is individually equipped with different water tools - depending on the requirements. It is also possible to immerse the components in cleaning fluid: the extreme currents prevailing in the immersion tank effectively remove jamming chips and swarf from cavities.
Plus points: The robotic cell ...
... can be individually equipped
... can be retrofitted to other components without difficulty
... automates your entire cleaning process
... saves energy and resources
... relieves your staff
... handles large parts and heavy weights with ease
... cleans with high or low pressure
... is easy to maintain
... convinces with high positioning accuracy and flexibility
... scores with excellent cleaning results
... has extremely high availability, because the robotics are perfectly adapted to the requirements of cleaning processes.