Testing / Technical Centre|

Technology testing under real conditions.

In order to be able to find optimum solutions for cleaning and deburring requirements, a series of tests and iterative scientific procedures are often inevitable.
In our technical centre, we conduct extensive preliminary experiments for the initial selection of the perfect cleaning system. For this purpose, we have the necessary resources of various water-based standard equipment at our research and development centre.

We know what to watch out for.

The optimum cleaning process is impacted by various factors. The consistency and degree of the initial contamination of a component therefore play a major role.

During a series of tests, we will determine the ideal synergy of temperature, time, cleaning chemicals, mechanics and media processing for your component! In addition, an intensive look at the integral manufacturing process sequences a workpiece undergoes at the client is both necessary and effective to achieve perfect results.
Come and see for yourself!

Things we can do at our technical centre

  • Cleaning, rinsing, deburring under various pressure conditions
  • Testing at our facility accompanied by the client
  • Flexible customisation of the cleaning system based on client requirements
  • Modification of pressure, temperature, chemical, concentration, etc. parameters
  • Adjustment of nozzle alignments, geometries and spray patterns
  • Demagnetisation of workpieces
  • Application of various cleaning agents - close collaboration with manufacturers
  • Surface tension measurement by means of test ink
  • Temperature, online-concentration, flow rate measurement, magnetism testing, etc.
  • Preparation of reference sample catalogues
  • Inspection of boreholes with a borescope

Silberhorn real-time testing

During a real-time test using contaminated components from your production, we will present to you our performance at the Silberhorn premises.

Come and experience our individual procedures in real time, and convince yourself!