Immersion cleaning systems

These systems meet the highest requirements


Immersion cleaning systems from Silberhorn also meet the highest demands for component cleanliness. It is a long-lasting system technology that has been tried and tested for years. In addition, customers are enthusiastic about the ease of maintenance of the systems.
Functional principle
The components are passed from bath to bath fully automatically. The baths are completely separated from each other, each individual bath has its own filters, pipes, etc. This means that there is no carry-over worth mentioning. Due to the complete enclosure of the system (encapsulation), external influences (e.g. hall dirt) also have no chance to affect the components.
Highly customisable system
The process steps can be selected and linked in different sequences as required. The individual baths function either as immersion baths or spray baths, and drying is carried out with hot air and/or by vacuum. Complete automation of the system is possible without any problems.