Multijet LC |Single-Chamber Cleaning System

  • For bulk goods in baskets or individual parts
  • For lower output
  • For lower cleaning standards (one bath device)</li
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  • The Multijet LC cleaning system has been designed for cleaning and flushing bulk goods in baskets and individual parts and components on goods carriers during batch processing.
  • Free configurable design achieves cleanliness at its best. The cleaning process can be enhanced by using ultrasound.
  • Rotating parts carrier or washing basket
  • Manual loading
  • Its space-saving design and the fact that it can be easily integrated in any process flow are additional advantages of the MULTIJET LC.
  • Cleaning and hot air drying in the chamber
  • Jet cleaning, injection flood cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning
  • Hot air drying with filtered air
  • Thanks to the fully rotating washing basket and the jetting and flooding programs, we even achieve optimum cleaning results for parts with difficult geometries.
  • Ease of maintenance ensures high availability
  • Base frame, cover panel and all media-contacting parts are made of stainless steel or a superior material
  • Hinged covers with gas pressure antishock for easy acces to the media containers.
  • Insulation on all sides of the container and the process chamber, as well as on the filters and pipelines ensures low energy costs on the one hand and provides important industrial safety on the other
  • Individual fittable as required

Technical information

Max. basket size (W x D x H) 600 x 400 x 300 mm
Max. loading 40 kg (100 kg)
Number of containers 1
Media tank capacity  
Cleaning 460 Liter
Rinsing 1  
Rinsing 2  
Cleaning 4 (8) bar
Rinsing 1  
Rinsing 2  
Max. drying temperature 95° C
Possible Procceses:  
Jet cleaning
Injection flood cleaning
Ultrasonic cleaning (option)
Jet rinsing 1  
Injection flood rinsing 1  
Ultrasonic rinsing 1 (Option)  
Jet rinsing 2  
Injection flood rinsing 2  
Ultrasonic rinsing 2 (Option)  
Circulating air drying
Vacuum drying (option)  
Dimensions (W x D x H) 1.100 x 1.500 x 2.150 mm


Standard machine

  • Powerful and innovative machine concept Frontbeschickung mit Klapptüre
  • Jet and flood cleaning process
  • Hot air drying unit
  • Full-rotating basket
  • Automatic waterfilling into the tank
  • Exhaust air ventilation
  • Bag filter size 0,24 m2
  • filter drawer at return flow
  • Heat insulation
  • Tank heater with automatic temperature regulation
  • Control and touch panel: SIEMENS
  • Integrated collecting tray

Component parts & options

  • Drip tray according to German law (WHG § 62)
  • Bag filter
  • Magnetic separator
  • Oil separator
  • Pump-off device
  • Automatic re-dosing of cleaning agent
  • Waste steam capacitor, cooling with air
  • Ultrasonic device
  • Injection pressure increase
  • Washing baskets with components, e.g. cover, separator…
  • Charging trolley
  • Rotating basket
  • And many more options – ask for it.