Multidip|Inline Immersion Cleaning Machine

  • For bulk goods in baskets or individual parts on carriers
  • Maximum output
  • For high cleaning standards


  • The Silberhorn MULTIDIP Inline Immersion Cleaning Machine combines maximum output for mass production and large serial production.
  • Free configurable modular design achieves highest cleanliness . The cleaning process can be enhanced by using ultrasound or pressure flooding.
  • Parts can be transported through the machine by spindle system or ceiling carriage.
  • Bulk material in baskets or drums can be treated as well as individually positioned goods on parts racks.
  • Possible part actions: rotating, pivoting, oscillating
  • Manual loading or integration into the production line
  • Its space-saving design and the fact that it can be easily integrated in any process flow are additional advantages of the MULTIDIP.
  • Multistage system  for cleaning, rinsing, conservation, pickling, hot air and vacuum drying, cooling and demagnetization available.
  • Ease of maintenance ensures high availability
  • Base frame, machine cover and all media-contacting  parts are made of stainless steel  or of a superior material grade.
  • Hinged Covers with gas pressure antishock for easy acces to media containers.
  • Insulation on all sides ensures low energy costs on the one hand and provides important industrial safety on the other.
  • Stand-by mode
  • Individual fittable as required

Technical Information

Multi DIP 1-4Multi DIP 2-4Multi DIP 3-4Multi DIP 4-4
400 x 200 x 200 mm480 x 320 x 200 mm600 x 400 x 300 mm670 x 480 x 300 mm
50 kg50 kg100 kg100 kg
6 – 18 loads/h6 – 18 loads/h6 – 18 loads/h6 – 18 loads/h
3.500 x 1.500 x 2.800 mm4.000 x 1.500 x 2.800 mm7.500 x 2.400 x 3.400 mm7.500 x 2.400 x 3.400 mm

Component parts & options

  • Drip tray according to german law (WHG § 62)
  • Bag filter
  • Candle filter
  • Magnet separator
  • Waste steam capacitor
  • Gravity oil separator
  • VE-water generator
  • Pump-off device
  • Media heating with hot water
  • Sampling unit
  • Media re-dosing
  • Waste steam capacitor, cooling with air or water
  • Automatic feeding and discharge
  • Automatic feeding and discharge incl.vacuum drying
  • Vacuum drying
  • Ultrasonic cleaning equipment
  • Infrared heating system
  • Hot air drying unit
  • Remote controlled maintenance
  • Process visualising
  • Cooling tunnel
  • Cooling aggregate
  • Automatic  basket tension
  • Workpiece carriers
  • Ultrafiltration
  • And many more options – ask for it


Edwin Schneider

Sales Manager

Tel: 09492/9425-0