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General tips

You want to start your professional training at Silberhorn?

Good choice! Do you already know what particular area you would like to work in one day?

And have you heard of our professional training opportunities? If not, click here and receive detailed information regarding the specific skilled occupations offered. In addition, you will have the opportunity to visit one of our regular training events, such as our in-house Apprenticeship Information Day, the Girlsday or any of the professional training fairs. And take advantage of our “First glimpse” internship.

Our apprenticeship contact persons of the respective departments are always happy to help.


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Please refer to our “Application documents” section to find out which documents we need from you. What happens after your online application is outlined in the “Selection procedure” section.

Application documents

Your application is usually the first step of getting to know you.

This makes it all the more important that you put in your best effort!  


A sound application should include the following documents:

  • Cover Letter
    Convince us that you have the necessary motivation and skills. But always remain truthful, e.g. giving examples to verify your statements is a plus. Take the time to check for spelling and grammar, and avoid using standard sentences. Instead, try to use your very own words.

  • Curriculum Vitae
    Pay attention to: Clarity and completeness. Do not skip or forget anything. Make sure to include all additional skills such as language skills or any other knowledge you have gained (e.g. software), or extra-curricular activities (e.g. internships, holiday jobs, volunteer jobs).

  • Copies of your latest report cards

  • Certificate for the participation in internships, if applicable

  • Certificate for the acquired language skills, if applicable

  • Verification for the participation in volunteer commitments, if applicable

  • any other potential verifications/certificates

Selection procedure

We have received your application. What happens next?
Let us tell you.

  • Step One: We review your application.
    In doing so, we try to gather as much information as possible about you from the application documents. What is your personality? What motivates you? What subjects are you interested in most?
    Your performance up until now tells us about your knowledge and skills you bring along. For our skilled technical occupations, we particularly look at your performance in natural sciences; for our skilled business occupations we look closer at your language skills which are important in this sector.

  • Step Two: We invite you to participate in our official selection process.
    If your application convinced us, you will receive an invitation to participate in our selection process. This includes a personal meeting as well as theoretical and practical tests. Your personality and strengths will reveal if you are suited to join our team.

  • Step Three: You will receive our feedback.
    Soon after the selection process is completed, you will be notified about our decision.

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