Punch-Laser Processing|

  • We do everything in our power for perfect components: In one setting, Silberhorn produces even the most intricate contours efficiently and with great flexibility using the punching and laser cutting technology.
  • The 360° rotation of the punching head allows to process standard contours such as round or rectangular boreholes, threads or other intricate forms with a single hub/stroke.
  • With the laser beam, intricate inner and outer contours are given a smooth and burr-free edge.
  • The maximum working range is: 3050x15500x115 mm at a 4kW laser output and a punching force of 220 kN
  • Maximum sheet thickness
    • Mild steel: 8mm
    • Stainless steel: 8mm
    • Aluminium: 6mm

Punch-Laser Equipment

1x TruMatic 7000 (K02) TruFlow 4000 (SheetMaster, Großlager, ToolMaster)

Working range 3050 x 1550mm, Laser output: 4kW
Maximum punching force 220kN


Maximum sheet thickness

Mid steel


Stainless steel







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