Metal processing and laser cutting | from master craftsmen

Silberhorn Blechtechnik GmbH

Great success stories sometimes really do begin in an inconspicuous garage. But you can find examples of such extraordinary developments not only in the tech mecca of Silicon Valley, but also in Bavaria.

The Silberhorn Group is one such company. What began in 1989 with the idea and enthusiasm of founder Franz Silberhorn is now a dynamic group of companies with various business areas. The latest member of the group is Silberhorn Blechtechnik GmbH, which specialises in processing metal using modern laser technology.

Silberhorn Blechtechnik GmbH was spun off from the mechanical engineering division in 2016 and is now the successful second pillar of the Silberhorn Group. This step was the response to a development that had already become apparent in the decades before. Within Silberhorn's mechanical engineering division, demand in the field of laser cutting had been constantly growing, and the machinery and know-how had grown in tandem with this. The spin-off was followed in 2017 by the commissioning of the completely new Silberhorn Blechtechnik GmbH plant in Brunn in the district of Regensburg. Since then, 85 of the group-wide 300 employees have been working there. An additional sales office was also established in Shanghai, China.

Modern machinery as a guarantee of quality

The company specialises in the production of precision laser parts. The clientele ranges from agricultural machinery manufacturers and metalworkers to the aerospace industry. The parts, which can be manufactured completely individually using a wide variety of processing methods, must meet the highest demands for quality, durability and precision. The basis for this performance promise is the modern machinery of Silberhorn Blechtechnik GmbH, which is constantly being expanded with new innovations.

Family business with a passion for innovation

This approach goes hand in hand with the values of the entire group, which, as an owner-managed family business, combines tradition, entrepreneurial vision and technical innovativeness. And above all, there is always an orientation towards the needs of the customer.

Efficiency and individuality

Silberhorn Blechtechnik GmbH also embodies this maxim by guaranteeing short response times thanks to a high degree of automation and digitalisation. Furthermore, the focus is on economic efficiency. An automatic sheet metal storage system loads the individual machines and at each production step it is possible to react individually to the requirements. This ensures that the most sensible cutting process is used at all times.

The range of services extends from laser cutting and punching-laser processing to straightening, folding, welding and the assembly of entire subassemblies. And even in the run-up to the production process, everything is geared to the customer's needs. All common CAD data formats are processed and prepared by the experts at Silberhorn and even customer sketches can be used as a common basis for work.