Subcontracted cleaning |and deburring

As manufacturer of cleaning and high-pressure jet deburring systems, we are a service and solution provider for many different forms of cleaning and deburring tasks. In addition, we guarantee an impeccable removal of manufacturing and production residues as well as contamination of all kind.

In doing so, we offer a wide range of cleaning processes, starting from the common standard processes to customised ultra-fine cleaning processes that meet the highest requirements for technical cleanliness.

We rely on water-based environmentally friendly cleaning processes. As regards subcontracted cleaning, we can react flexibly and promptly to special customer requirements.

With residual contamination analyses carried out to inspect the technical cleanliness, we assure the required cleaning quality. 

Our service options at a glance

  • Cleaning, drying and packaging of components suitable to prevent residual contamination
  • Degreasing and preserving workpieces
  • High pressure water jet deburring of components
  • System types: Multijet LC, Multijet 2-2, Multijet 2-3, REZ, Multiline and Variomat
  • Subcontracted inspection - Technical cleanliness according to the VDA 19 / ISO 16232 methods
  • Parts logistics