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Family Tradition

We are an independent family-run business which has been standing for continuity, tradition and reliability towards our clients, employees and our community for more than 30 years.


The client is the focus of our actions. We design our products and services based on the clients’ requirements, and thus create competitive advantages for them and ourselves.


It is the small things that create perfection – but perfection is anything but a small thing.“

Sir Henry Royce


Our innovations in technologies, products, services and processes assure the future of the company, and allow to convert market and client requirements into complex solutions quickly and flexibly.



Our employees are the most important basis for the success of our company, and thus we promote them accordingly, and offer opportunities to advance. We intend to be globally attractive for qualified and performance-oriented employees. We respect their values and cultures, and have a zero-tolerance policy on discrimination.


Our sustainable and profitable growth secures and increases the capital employed for safeguarding the independence of the company.



We stand for sustainable management of the environment, and for adherence to ethical standards. Furthermore, we stand for equal opportunities in competition, and respect international and national laws.