Quality, Environmental Protection and |Occupational Health And Safety

Quality management across all processes: Highest standards guaranteed

If we speak of quality at Silberhorn, we do not only refer to the individual product, but also the entire value-adding process. Materials and technologies, techniques, processes and services, supplier selection - everything is always put to the test and is continuously optimised and advanced. For guaranteed constant high quality and the highest level of client satisfaction. 

Silberhorn’s concept of success



... is based on the great innovative strength of the company and the high quality of our products and services.

With our certified quality management, our client rest assured to receive high-quality products and reliable service, which can face the challenges of today’s global market with regard to efficiency, quality and profitability.

Certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008


Certificate ISO 9001:2008 Maschinenbau Silberhorn

Certificate ISO 9001:2008 Silberhorn CNC-Technik

Certificate Specialised company according to the Water Resources Act (WHG)


Environmental Protection

For our company, environmental protection is an important subject besides the quality issue. Whether it involves the implementation of renewable energy in buildings, such as the generation of power via PV systems, or measures to reduce energy consumption during production - we recognise our responsibility and act accordingly.

Environmental protection is integrated systematically in our management. We continually develop environmentally friendly technologies, processes and products. Optimised processes result in savings with regard to material use and selection, as well as energy consumption.

We are aware: Our clients not only expect products of the highest quality, but also a responsible use of our available resources. We want you to rest assured that with the purchase of a Silberhorn product you acquire a high-quality and environmentally friendly item.

Our Safety Policy

Occupational health and safety is a top priority company objective at the Silberhorn Group, besides profitability, productivity and quality. Our responsibility is rooted in the concern for and obligation towards all our employees, the employees of partner companies and the client as well as the suppliers, and all visitors with regard to their well-being and physical integrity. Therefore, the group-wide objective of our safety policy is: zero accidents!

Furthermore, we want all our employees to live healthily and be able to work free of discomfort. In view of a longer working life, this task is becoming increasingly significant.

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