Silberhorn CNC-Technology|Multi-Dimensional CNC-Processing at the Highest Level

In 2009, Silberhorn CNC-Technik GmbH started operation as BMB GmbH in the newly built manufacturing hall in Burglengenfeld.

In 2014, the takeover was executed by the Silberhorn Group, which had up until then been collaborating with BMB GmbH as a client.

In order to complete the integration into the corporate Group, the company was then renamed to Silberhorn CNC-Technik GmbH in 2016. After building an extension in 2017, today 48 employees are working on a manufacturing area of 2,700 m2 and a administration area of 250 m2.

The services offered range from multi-dimensional CNC-processing of large sized components and large dimensioned industrial tools in XXL format, all the way to component manufacture and welding work.

Silberhorn CNC-Technik GmbH is well equipped to process your components with state-of-the-art machinery. Numerous clients from various sectors like the automotive industry and other major industries, as well the machine engineering sector have been working together with Silberhorn over many years - from the manufacture of small individual components to the serial production of large-sized components.