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Extremely rare, but yet possible: You are operating one or multiple of our machines, and you experience a technical defect. In this case, competent help is close by:

Now, the best thing you can do is send us an incident report online; we do provide an appropriate form on our website. All service inquiries are recorded in form of a ticket system, and are forwarded to the right expert in charge.

Our experienced service employees will promptly and reliably look into your problem, and contact you without delay. No long waiting periods, as our service employees are from within our own ranks, and, in most cases, have completed a training within our company. High quality expertise is therefore guaranteed!

After all, it is also in our interest that your system resumes running flawlessly in a flash. Please do not hesitate to contact our service department directly at the following number.


Phone +49 (0) 9492 9425-4015

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Our professional service team will be pleased to assist you personally. 

Thanks to efficient troubleshooting by our experts, a service visit on-site by our service technicians can most often be avoided.


Service Hotline:
Phone +49 (0) 9492 9425-4015

Monday to Thursday:  07:00 - 16:15
Friday:       07:00 - 13:15


Accessories and spare parts

To ensure that your production will be spared frequent downtimes, we provide you with our proven spare parts management. 

Maschinenbau Silberhorn has all wear and spare parts in original quality in stock. Furthermore, on the basis of our large in-house production capacity, we are able to manufacture our own mechanical components within a short period of time, if necessary.

 In general, we deliver in-stock spare parts within 24 hours throughout Germany. Our service team will be pleased to answer all your questions.

Maintenance and Inspection

The best equipment will only perform optimally, if it is also maintained properly. Based on our long-standing experience, we strongly recommend regular maintenance intervals. Our qualified technicians will help you avoid expensive machine downtimes to the greatest possible extent.


Benefits of regular maintenance: 

  • Reduction of expensive production downtimes / standstill periods
  • Installation of original spare parts
  • Timely identification of potential wear-related downtimes
  • Prevention of consequential damage
  • Inspection of production conditions
  • Overview of costs thanks to package prices
  • Increase in the service life of the cleaning and high pressure water jet deburring equipment


 By the way: The Maschinenbau Silberhorn team offers service packages specifically tailored to your needs.  We will be pleased to consult you.


Over the years it has become apparent: Your machine can no longer cope with the increased capacity requirements: It now lacks state-of-the-art features - in particular, features improving energy efficiency and environmental compatibility that have become more and more important in the meantime.

Don’t worry, your investment continues to be long-term. We offer numerous attractive upgrade options to bring outdated equipment back to an up-to-date technical level.

Let us also address this issue with our competent advice:

  • Actual situation analysis on site
  • Conceptual preparation and project planning
  • Cost estimation
  • Implementation of the updates to your equipment
  • Orientation and training of your employees

Do not hesitate to contact us!

Commissioning & Training

Our technicians install all new systems and make sure that all important parameters and functions are properly configured and adjusted to ensure that the equipment offers optimum output at final production start. This includes detailed machinery documentation.

At the same time, we arrange for in-house training of your technicians to operate the new machinery. It is important for them to familiarise with the proper operation to keep the machinery up and running properly.

But after that, we will make sure to be there if you need our assistance. Service, advice or parts. Our collaboration will be as sustainable as the service life of your Silberhorn machinery!

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