Multiline |Continuous Cleaning System

  • For bulk goods in baskets or individual parts
  • Maximum output
  • For low to medium cleaning standards


  • The Silberhorn MULTILINE Continuous Cleaning System offers a short cleaning cycle and as a result a maximum output for serial and mass production
  • Parts can be transported through the machine in several ways, e.g.  a chain drive or a wire mesh belt
  • The MULTILINE continuous cleaning system can be designed as a machine with continuously running conveyor or as a machine which operates continuously at a fixed cycle
  • The conveyor speed, and thus the time the cleaning agents are in contact with the parts to be cleaned, can be fixed or controlled via frequency converters.
  • Manual loading or integration into the production line
  • Its space-saving design and the fact that it can be easily integrated in any process flow are additional advantages of the MULTILINE.
  • Multistage system for cleaning, rinsing, conservation, hot air and vacuum drying as well as cooling are available
  • Ease of maintenance ensures high availability
  • Base frame, all media-contacting parts and the enclosure are made of stainless steel.
  • Hinged covers with gas pressure antishock for easy acces to the media containers.
  • Insulation on all sides ensures low energy costs on the one hand and provides important industrial safety on the other.
  • Nozzles are positioned on 4 sides to clean from all directions
  • Due to the individually selectable process steps, such as Rinsing 1, Rinsing 2, Drying – all of them separated by neutral  zones – we can guarantee optimum cleaning quality even at high outputs.
  • Stand-by mode
  • Individual fittable as required

Technical information

Multiline 1-xMultiline 2-xMultiline 3-xMultiline 4-xMultiline 5-xMultiline 6-x
Passage width100 mm200 mm400 mm600 mm800 mm1.000 mm
Passage height100 mm200 mm200 mm200 mm200 mm200 mm
400 mm400 mm400 mm400 mm
600 mm600 mm600 mm
800 mm800 mm
Zone length
Cleaning500 mm500 mm800 mm1.000 mm1.000 mm1.000 mm
Rinsing500 mm500 mm800 mm1.000 mm1.000 mm1.000 mm
Drying500 mm500 mm800 mm1.000 mm1.000 mm1.000 mm
Zone extension in step of200 mm200 mm400 mm400 mm500 mm500 mm
Jetting pressure4 – 10 bar4 – 10 bar4 – 10 bar4 – 10 bar4 – 10 bar4 – 10 bar
Tape speed0,2 – 2 m/min0,2 – 2 m/min0,2 – 2 m/min0,2 – 2 m/min0,2 – 2 m/min0,2 – 2 m/min

Component parts & options

  • Drip tray according to german law (WHG § 62)
  • Bag filter
  • Candle filter
  • Magnet separator
  • Vacuum evaporator for cleaning agent
  • Gravity oil separator
  • VE-water generator
  • Pump-off device
  • Media heating with hot water
  • Sampling unit
  • Automatic re-dosing of cleaning agent
  • Waste steam capacitor, cooling with air or water
  • Automatic feeding and discharge
  • Vacuum drying unit
  • Infrared heating system
  • Self cleaning system
  • Remote controlled maintenance
  • Process  visualizing
  • Cooling tunnel
  • Cooling aggregate
  • Automatic  basket tension
  • Parts carriers
  • And many more options – ask for it


Edwin Schneider

Sales Manager

Tel: 09492/9425-0