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1. Job posting and application

After determining the specifications, the job is posted. This includes e.g. areas of responsibility, competences and information regarding the required profile of an applicant.

After the job is posted on our company website as well as on diverse online platforms and in printed media, you can apply (preferably online), and will receive a confirmation of receipt by email.

Of course, you can also send your application by post. In this case, it takes considerably longer to receive a confirmation of receipt.

2. Preselection

The employee in charge at the Human Resources department reviews your application together with other submitted applications with regard to the job requirements. If your qualifications meet the job requirements, then your application will be forwarded to the respective department.

Of course, we keep you updated about the current status. We will also contact you if we have further questions.

3. First interview

Now, the first hurdle is cleared. You will be invited to an interview during which we will discuss your professional background, your experiences and know-how.

During the interview, we will also give you the opportunity to learn more about our company, the areas of responsibility, and the work environment. Do not be afraid to ask many questions!

4. Further meetings

In further meetings, we will discuss your qualifications as well as your future responsibilities in detail. Contractual provisions will also be negotiated.

Soon after you will receive feedback.

5. Your employment contract

Congratulations! - you have convinced us.

We will prepare the employment contract including the negotiated provisions and send it to you. .

6. Welcome to the Silberhorn Group

We are excited that you have decided to join our company! On your first day, you will receive an introduction into the Silberhorn’s world of work together with other new employees.

We wish you great success and hope you will enjoy your new workplace!

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