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Anything... but boring!

As a medium-sized company we have adequate the size and range in order to keep your training diversified with all kinds of new projects.

At the same time, we have remained so personable and informal that we always invest plenty of time and attention into your training.

Know-how starts with the trainer

... and as market leader we do have the experts. We work with state-of-the-art equipment and technology. Our many years of experience and competence will guide you successfully through your training, and far beyond that. We promote your skills and offer great perspectives for your future. Our apprentices of today will be our experts of tomorrow!


Chances and opportunities, continuous training and experience

This combination integrated in our training will turn you into an expert. Comparisons of our previous apprentices with their peers in their vocational school classes have shown: With our training you will be at the top of your class.


100% practice-oriented training!

What you learn with us will be a great investment for your future career. A well-balanced training programme coordinates the curriculum of the vocational schools with our company projects. You will be part of it from the start - not just as a bystander, but as a member of the team!


Team spirit and strong solidarity

You will be integrated both professionally and socially! We are looking forward to inviting you to our events and trips! Fun is guaranteed!


Promises to be taken over?

These are made all the time. However, 100 successful Silberhorn apprentices from six different career sectors over a period of over 20 years of annual training will assure you:  There will be a definite place for you in our company after your training. And no matter which career you decide to follow - there is always a way at Silberhorn!


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