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A secure, open-ended employment relationship

We are not very keen on temporary contracts.

If you are a good match for our company, you can be sure that you have a permanent position with us. 

Work environment

  • Interesting tasks, room for ideas, work to enjoy and responsibilities
  • Diverse scope of duties
  • Family-like and enjoyable atmosphere

Reconciliation of work and family

  • Home office workplaces
  • Flex-time
  • Parental leave
  • Part-time workplaces
  • Assistance in case of family emergencies

Long-term employment with individual employment relationships

We set ourselves the goal of ensuring to lay contractual foundations for both parties that are tailored to the needs of all participants, allowing security, flexibility and comfort.

Whether long-term and permanent employment, hourly employment for students or freelance or temporary workers – we are open to all kinds of employment models.

Pay and additional benefits

Since the establishment of the company, the great commitment of our employees has contributed to the positive development of our corporate Group.

We would like to provide our employees a long-term perspective for their future and a fair salary.

Individual performance bonuses in addition to a basic salary provide our employees the opportunity to work towards a clear objective and to benefit from the company’s success.

Advanced training

As an innovative and future-oriented company, it is very important to us to create the basis for optimal opportunities for the professional development of our employees.

A wide-ranging scope of duties and exciting challenges, as well as a quick assumption of responsibilities are guaranteed within our company.

Furthermore, we seek to promote our employees through internal vacancy notices and with opportunities to work abroad.

We systematically and within a structured framework take time for each individual in order to ensure the individual development of our employees in the long run.

Career opportunities

From apprentice to plant manager ... all our doors are open to you.

This is not only about academic certificates - commitment, performance and motivation are the decisive factors.

We prefer to fill management positions from within our own ranks.

Employment conditions

  • Reconciliation of work and family
  • Home office solutions
  • Vaccinations for trips abroad
  • Occupational integration management


  • Summer party with families
  • Christmas celebration
  • Company races

Health management

In addition to our “OHRIS”-certified (Occupational Health and Risk Management System) measures for the health and safety of our employees in the workplace, we provide preventative and health promoting activities such as classes or vouchers, as well as an annually scheduled “Health Day” with interesting free health promotions.

  • With training programmes for workplace design
  • Regular health days with check-ups, consultation, ....
  • Preventative screenings, prevention training
  • Occupational health and safety instructions

Employees recruit employees

Attractive premiums for our employees for a successful recruitment of a new employee for a posted job.

Silberhorn Job Postings

You would like to share our challenges and values, and shape your career along with our company?

Then please do not hesitate and apply now for an open position, or send us an unsolicited application, by using our online application form.


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